I know this might sound wild but I completely understand having a complicated relationship with food. Growing up, I was always hungry. My family was poor and on food stamps. Once I was in college, I had the opportunity to eat whatever I wanted. And baby, I did. I gained the Freshman 50. I was also gaining weight so I wouldn’t get hit on by girls since I wanted to hide that I was gay.
I’ve also gone in the completely opposite direction. Before shooting Asylum I was 4.1% body fat, had an 8 pack, and looked amazing. But on the inside, I was miserable. While my body was ripped, I was eating egg whites, french fries, and caesar salads. I was working out 3 times a day. But I still felt like I was incomplete. My diet was super strict because I was scared of losing my 8 pack. Breaking my diet in any way made me feel guilty. I realized then that just because someone looks good doesn’t mean that they feel good.
This was my a-ha moment. To live my best life, I had to feel good. The number on the scale or percentage of body fat did not matter. I wanted to feel good. And I want others to feel good, too. That’s why I created Mood For Food. Because having a good relationship with food is essential if you really want to live your best life. Understanding what does and doesn’t work for you is our goal. We can figure this out together. Let’s dive deeper into why you feel this way. The Mood For Food Course will help you…
  • Discover the unknown barriers that have sabotaged your relationship with food in the past
  • Kick that emotional baggage to the curb
  • Embrace new healthy habits that work for YOU and will help improve your relationship with food

mood for FOOD

Revolutionize Your Relationship With Food To Achieve Sustainable Results With A Healthy Lifestyle

You’ll get

6 module course teaching you how to have a healthy mood for food!

Weekly grocery list to make grocery shopping fun, simplified and not daunting.

90 Recipes to keep you excited and prepared for food!

A 6-week workout calendar so you don’t have to think about how to stay focused on your fitness.

Shaun T’s Healthy Habits Guide

LIVE video recordings from Health Experts, Fitness Professionals, and Biohacking Scientists.

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Revolutionize Your Relationship With Food To Achieve Sustainable Results With A Healthy Lifestyle

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