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Shaun T's FOCUS T25 -
The Ultimate Fitness Challenge

When you purchase a subscription to Beachbody On Demand,
you'll receive access to FOCUS t25, along with ALL of Shaun T's
other workouts.

people have for not working out is
they don’t have time.

“I have 4 kids!"

“I work 60-70hr a week”

“I don’t want to work out for an hour a day!
I don’t have the time.”

The beauty of FOCUS T25 is that it is only 25 minutes!
You are gonna go in, you’re gonna go hard and then 
you are gonna be done!

The days of working out for an hour are over. Shaun
T’s FOCUS T25 is the workout program for people
who are short on time but not on commitment.
Only 25 minutes a day over ten weeks will get you great results—fast!

FOCUS T25 is perfect for anyone looking to fit the
best possible workout into their busy schedule. T25
workouts are intense, 25-minute sessions that don’t
let up—no breaks.

Just starting out? No problem. T25 allows you to go
at your own pace and includes low-impact
alternatives to some of the more intense exercises.

If you give me 25 minutes,
I’ll give you a life! FOCUS
T25 – 25 minutes, zero
rest…. You can rest
when you go to bed!“

What is Focus T25?

Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 program is a combination of intense cardio and resistance
moves that require minimal equipment but maximum commitment. All you need
are some dumbbells, resistance bands, and space to move. Keep a towel
or two handy—and be prepared to sweat.

The program includes cardio, HIIT, bodyweight and strength training, and core
exercises to sculpt your muscles and build your dream body. All the workouts
incorporate a recovery phase to lower lactic acid levels, reduce soreness, and
increase blood flow to your joints.

A Full Body Transformation

Go hard and fast for 25 minutes each day, and by the end of ten weeks, you’ll look
and feel amazing—shredded abs, massive arms, tight glutes, and peak fitness.

Matthew S. lost 23 pounds doing FOCUS T25.

“I see my dad bod changing back to my college
bod and I can see my abs!”

Why it works

T25 is the smartest workout ever created. Shaun T has designed this high-intensity
interval training program for maximum results in minimal time. For fat blasting
and muscle sculpting, nothing gets results as quickly as HIIT. Research has shown
that HIIT programs like FOCUS T25 keep your metabolic rate higher for longer,
burning fat more efficiently.

How does FOCUS T25 compare to
other Shaun T workouts?

Once you’ve mastered FOCUS T25, you can step up a level with Shaun T’s INSANITY
series of workouts: INSANITY, INSANITY MAX:30, and INSANITY: The Asylum.
We want you to get the best results possible – KEEP NAILING IT!


FOCUS T25 has 3 phases - Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. FOCUS T25 starts with four
days of 25-minute workouts (one a day) followed by two workouts on the fifth day.
Day 6 is for rest and recovery, and Day 7 is stretching and active recovery. Shaun T
is your personal coach for these 25-minute video sessions - taking you through
a weekly schedule that will transform your body in no time!

Alpha Cardio
Speed 1.0
Total Body Circuit
Ab Intervals
Lower Focus

The Beta phase gets more challenging, with workouts that focus on specific body
zones, such as upper body, core, and legs. These routines work by pushing those
muscle groups to the limit and then moving on.

Core Cardio
Speed 2.0
Rip’t Circuit
Dynamic Core
Upper Focus

Go even further with the BONUS Gamma Phase which adds more weight, speed, and intensity to the FOCUS T25 program.

The Pyramid
Rip’t Up
Extreme Circuit
Speed 3.0 Workout

Program Materials

As well as access to the video series, the FOCUS T25 program
comes complete with the following program materials:

Three easy steps to get you started
Track your progress in this motivational journal.
Match your nutrition needs and calorie intake to the demands of the program. Our nutrition guide has tips to fuel your body and optimize your eating habits for total success. This nutrition guide helps set up healthy eating habits that enable you to get maximum benefits from the workouts and beyond.
Get a headstart on your new body with this food selection guide.
Mark your fitness progress on this handy calendar.
Get the answers you need for optimum results.
This specially curated playlist will get you pumped! Twenty-five minutes of hits will keep you focused.

Are you up for a full-body

If you give me 25 minutes, I'll give you a LIFE!

When you purchase a subscription to Beachbody On Demand,
you'll receive access to FOCUS t25, along with ALL of Shaun T's
other workouts.