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Get flat, sexy abs with
Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs

When you purchase a subscription to Beachbody On Demand,
you’ll receive access to Hip Hop Abs, along with all of Shaun T’s other workouts

Now you can get the abs you have always dreamed of
with Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs! Legendary fitness coach and professional dancer Shaun T has turned his exclusive training methods into the hottest hip hop workout available. These dance routines are pure fun and will help you burn fat
and sculpt your abs without the need for boring
sit-ups or crunches.

“I have tried sit-ups and crunches and other trainers,
and I still couldn’t get that last layer of fat
off no matter what….

but when I started Hip Hop Abs, the fat finally
melted away without doing a single crunch.”

With Hip Hop Abs, you get cardio, abs and total body sculpting all at once! So it cuts your workout time in half. The results will blow you away!
"Hip Hop Abs is fun
yet challenging, but
don't worry—I'll be
there every step of
the way to cheer you
on. Get ready for
crazy Abs in just
60 days.”

What is Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hop Abs is the quickest way to burn fat off your body and get the flat sexy abs you have always wanted without a single sit-up or crunch.
Hip Hop Abs is a dance-based, in-home fitness program that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level. Shaun T’s moves are easy to follow, even if you think you can’t dance. Best of all, you don’t need any equipment, just room to move.

Learn moves proven to get results! Shrink inches off your midsection.

More like a dance party than a fitness workout, Hip Hop Abs is perfect for people who want a high-energy way to get in shape that doesn’t feel like exercise. Shaun T takes you through the moves step by step, making it great for everyone, from beginners to experienced athletes.

"everyone loves shaun t! because he makes it fun and promises results without the agnony of sit-ups. he is so motivating and inspiring you feel like you are taking one of his classes in the luxury of your own home."

What results can I expect
from Hip Hop Abs?

We’ve had hundreds of weight loss success stories from participants, with many dropping two jeans sizes after finishing the 60-day program.

How many pounds do you want to lose? How does 3 inches off your waist in
6 days sound? Hip Hop Abs will get you there.
While this workout focuses on your core, Hip Hop Abs is a full head-to-toe cardio workout, so you can expect to boost your overall fitness, with better coordination and improved mental well-being. Dancing makes you look and feel great!

Lucilya W. lost 28 pounds doing Hip Hop Abs!

“My self-esteem has risen tremendously because I feel more confident in myself.”
“Hip Hop Abs has changed the way I look at myself.”

Hip Hop Abs—
Why it works

How do you get those tight abs without having to do sit-ups and crunches? The secret to these amazing results is Shaun T’s Tilt Tuck and Tighten technique. Every move targets your upper, middle, lower abs and your obliques – you activate more muscles so you can get better, faster results. These exciting hip hop moves will boost your metabolism, burn calories, and help you shed those extra pounds. You use your whole abdominal area without ever getting on the floor!
Good nutrition is vital to achieving optimum results; that’s why Hip Hop Abs comes with a detailed nutrition guide to support your weight loss goals, making sure your body has all the fuel it needs to keep going.

Hip Hop Abs—
The Program

Hip Hop Abs has 11 workouts, and 9 BONUS workouts, all with
Shaun T’s signature dance moves, so you’ll never get bored.

Secrets to Flat Abs
Fat-Burning Cardio
Ab Sculpt
Total Body Burn
Last-Minute Buns
Fat-Burning Cardio 2
Ab Sculpt 2
Total Body Burn 2
Extreme Cardio
HIP, BUNs, And Thigh
Extreme Abs

And these 9

Take it to the
Dance Floor
Hip Hop Groove
Last Minute Dance
Get Abs or Die Trying
Rockin Abs Dance Party
Hard Body Dance Party
Cardio Groove
Dance Party
Booty Shakin'
Dance Party
5 Min Ab Blaster

Program Materials

As well as access to the video series, the Hip Hop Abs workout
comes complete with the following program materials:

Get the right start with our success guide.
Come on—let’s work it! Follow our schedule to get ripped Hip Hop Abs.
Match your nutrition needs and calorie intake to the demands of the program. Our nutrition guide has tips to fuel your body and optimize your eating habits for total success. This nutrition guide helps set up healthy eating habits that enable you to get maximum benefits from the workouts and beyond.
Lose six pounds in your first week with the 6-Day SlimDown guide.
Get the answers you need for optimum results.

Hip Hop Abs

No sit-ups, no crunches – just a fast, fun way to melt
the fat off your body and get flat sexy abs!

So what are you
waiting for?

Let’s get up and get moving! Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs is the
ultimate hip hop dance workout and the most fun you can have
while losing weight. Get in the best shape of your life with
rock-hard abs and a tight toned body.

When you purchase a subscription to Beachbody On Demand,
you'll receive access to Hip Hop Abs, along with ALL
of Shaun T's other workouts.