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When you purchase a subscription to Beachbody On Demand,
you'll receive access to INSANITY MAX:30, along with ALL of Shaun T's
other workouts.

Shaun T’s Insanity workout made you dig deep
—now it’s time to Max Out! Are you up for the ultimate fitness challenge?

This is the Shaun T workout you’ve been looking for.
INSANITY MAX:30 has 150 brand-new moves that’ll
push you to the limit and beyond.


Are you up for the ultimate fitness
challenge? This is the Shaun T
workout you have been waiting for!

My INSANITY workout was the hardest
workout program ever created. Imagine
taking EVERYTHING that you loved (to hate)
about INSANITY and packing it into the most
intense 30 minutes of your life. Welcome to
INSANITY Max :30! C’mon y’all let’s get it!!

– Shaun T

—Why it works

Why is the INSANITY MAX:30 program so effective? Shaun T has designed this
high-intensity interval training program for maximum results in minimal time.
For fat-blasting and muscle-sculpting, nothing gets results as quickly as HIIT,
keeping your metabolism burning long after your workout is finished
and burning fat more efficiently.

How does INSANITY MAX:30 compare
to other Shaun T workouts?

MAX:30 is absolutely next level. Not sure if you’re ready for it? Check out
Shaun T’s Focus T25, which starts at a more moderate pace and a shorter
workout time (25 minutes).

Once you’ve mastered MAX:30, you can try INSANITY: The Asylum, Shaun’s in-home,
sports-specific training program developed for elite athletic performance.

The MAX:30
Workout Program

INSANITY MAX:30 has 13 base workouts and 3 deluxe workouts, including some of the most brutal cardio sequences you’ll ever try. The strength training combined with Tabata-style workouts and plyometrics will have your muscles begging for mercy. Shaun T is your personal trainer for these one-a-day, 30-minute video sessions—taking you through a weekly schedule that will transform your body in only 60 days:
Cardio challenge
Tabata power
Sweat intervals
Tabata Strength
Friday Fight: Round 1
Max Out Cardio
Max Out Power
Max Out Sweat
Max Out Strength
Friday Fight: Round 2
Ab Attack:10
Sweat Fest
Max Out: 15
Max Out Abs
360 abs

Program Materials

As well as access to the video series, INSANITY MAX :30 comes
complete with the following program materials

5 easy steps for getting started on Day One

The MAX OUT GUIDE gives you all the tools you need for maximum results.

This guide will help match your nutrition needs and caloric intake to the demands of the program.

Fuel your body and optimize your eating habits for total success. This nutrition guide helps set up healthy eating habits that enable you to get maximum benefit from the program.
Nutrition to the max—this guide will show you how to eat the foods you love and still get incredible results.
This body measurement tracker will help track your progress during the 60-day program.
See the MAX:30 workouts at a glance in a handy two-month calendar.
Keep a record of your meals and portions as you follow the MAX:30 eating plan. This tracker will ensure you’re getting the right mix of vegetables, fruit, protein, carbs, and fats to get you through this insane workout program.
Focus on those abs with the 7-Day Ab Maximizer Guide and food journal.
Get the answers you need for maximum results.

This specially curated playlist will get you pumped! Push past your last max-out time with these great beats.

“I don’t care if you scream,
yell, hate me, whatever you
gotta do, just know that I’m
here for you. I’m inviting
you to MAX OUT.”
– Shaun T


When you purchase a subscription to Beachbody On Demand,
you’ll receive access to INSANITY MAX :30, along with ALL of Shaun T’s other workouts.