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10 New Year’s Eve Traditions from Around the World to Bring You Good Luck

Out with the old and in with 2021! Are you ready to leave this year behind and dive headfirst into prosperity, wellness, and better quality of life overall with some New Year’s Eve Tradition?

While there is something to be said for taking control of your circumstances, a little luck never hurts anyone. With that being said, the following are some of the most fortunate (if unusual) New Year’s Eve traditions around the world that you may want to consider testing out as we transition into the new year. At this point, they’re worth a shot. 

Let’s bring in this next chapter with a little flair!

1. Grapes at midnight 

This New Year’s Eve Tradition originated in Spain but can be seen in many Latin American countries. The goal is to eat 12 grapes at midnight, one for each toll of the church bells. If you manage to do so without choking (since you have 2 seconds at most between each grape), then it is believed you will have luck for the coming 12 months. 

2. Carrying a suitcase around the block 

Seen in countries like Mexico and Colombia, the superstition holds that if you walk an empty suitcase around the block at the strike of midnight, you will have a year filled with travel. The faster you go, the more travel you will have so pick up the pace!

3. Bread and Onions

In Greece they bake Vasilopita, a sweet bread traditionally served on New Year’s Day. There is a coin hidden inside and whoever finds it gets good luck. Families also hang an onion outside of their front door on New Year’s Eve to symbolize rebirth. The next morning, they wake their children up by tapping them on the head with the onion. Worse case, these traditions will leave you with a solid headstart on your first dinner of the year. 

4. Wear polka dots

In the Philippines, round items symbolize coins and fortune by extension so you’ll see them in excess during the holidays. To make the most of this superstition, wear polka dots while eating round fruits like oranges and gathering at a round dinner table.

5. Wear bright underwear

The exact color underwear you should wear will vary depending on your goal and region. If you want to find love, Argentinians and Brazilians suggest you wear pink or red, respectively. If you want more money, Bolivians believe yellow is the color to wear while Mexicans say to wear green. In any case, wearing Pride underwear will make sure all your bases are covered!

Are you down to try these New Year’s Eve Traditions? 

6. Send a dark-haired man to your door

In Scotland, their New Year’s Eve Tradition is “Hogmanay” and observe the “first footing” tradition, which holds that the first person to cross the threshold of your home in the new year should be a dark-haired man to guarantee good luck. We can’t argue with that! 

Bonus points if that man is bringing coal for the fire, shortbread to snack on and whiskey to get the party started right.

7. Jump around, jump up and get down

In Denmark, they leap into the New Year — literally! Locals will find the highest furniture item around, from a sofa to a chair, and when the clock strikes midnight they will jump off onto the floor. They also throw plates at their friends and neighbors’ doors in an effort to leave any grievances or begrudgements behind and start the New Year with a clean slate.

8. Mistletoe dreams 

Don’t throw that mistletoe away just yet! In Ireland, women go to sleep with mistletoe under their pillows on New Year’s Eve in hopes of finding Prince Charming the following year. From your dreams to God’s ears.

The Irish also repurpose their Christmas bread, smacking it against the doors and walls to drive away bad spirits.

9. Money in your pocket 

In Portugal it’s considered good luck to have cash in your pocket when midnight comes around. They also eat 12 raisins at midnight instead of grapes, a healthy alternative for anyone watching their sugar intake after 7pm. 

10. Paint the door red 

In China, a red door signifies wealth so many people will paint their doors red for New Year’s Eve. In the event you have HOA restrictions, opt to cover your door in wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree for the same effect. 

Whichever New Year’s Eve Tradition you choose, our wish for you remains the same — that you have a wonderful and much improved year ahead!. 

When you try one (or a few) of these traditions take a pic or video and share it with @ShaunT on Instagram or Twitter. He would love to repost you! Happy Holidays.

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