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CareerFitnessLife & Personal GrowthMindset 3565
4 Mindset Shifting Actions to Get You Out of A Rut

Don't stay stuck in a rut. Here are a few quick tips on how to put yourself back on track and keep pushing to achieve your goals.... Read More.

FitnessFoodWellness 1974
Your Relationship with Food is Your Relationship Everything

Your relationship with food is a mirror image for your relationship with everything in life. If your food choices are not right your body is definitely not... Read More.

Fitness 1455
Start Your 2019 Fitness Journey Here

Yes, we have a new site that is breaking down all things lifestyle and transformation but that doesn't mean we are going to stray too far from... Read More.

FitnessLife & Personal GrowthWellness 1835
Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

The day has finally arrived! Transform :20, my new fitness program is now available to VIPS who purchase early access on Beach Body! If you want... Read More.

Fitness 1492
Transform Your Life Week 2 With #Transform20

The cast is making progress, but they need to push themselves harder if they want to achieve their goals. With Chapter 1 in the books, Shaun... Read More.

FitnessHealth & Well-BeingLife & Personal Growth 9884
Creating a Power Morning Routine for a Productive Day

Do you ever wake up in the morning and are just not motivated to do anything that day? You feel as if you “woke up on the... Read More.

FitnessHealth & Well-BeingWellness 2234
5 At-Home Workout Moves That Keep You Fit During Self Quarantine

These five exercises are great to work the body from head to toe with no equipment while bringing your heart rate up to its peak. At your... Read More.

FastingFitnessHealth & Well-Being 2961
My Experience with 24 Hour Fasting

I started intermittent fasting to heal my gut because I suffer from a bit of anxiety and a lot of anxiety manifests in relation to health. If... Read More.