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5 At-Home Workout Moves That Keep You Fit During Self Quarantine

These five exercises are great to work the body from head to toe with no equipment while bringing your heart rate up to its peak. At your peak heart rate, you are able to begin the process of burning fat while and these five moves work all the muscle groups.


I love this move because it’s a great move for warming up the body and preparing the body for what’s to come. In the fitness world, we like to begin by preparing your body for movement. There is no better way to set up a strong foundation for your full-body workout then to set up a perfect foundation for a squat. With a traditional squat, your weight is in your heels and your toes are forward. The best way to open the hips is to push them forward.


This is a great move because a push up is a full-body exercise but this is challenging your body and coordination by adding a side plank to the top of the push-up. Think of these as two movements and make sure that each of the movements has a start and a stop position. Once you are to the top of your push up that’s when you can safely and effectively open into the side plank, once you have returned to the bottom of your side plank (in a stable and steady plank) you can begin your next repetition of a push-up.


The reason why we call this a speed burpee is yes, its a full body drill, head to toe but the purpose of this particular movement in this sequence is to bring the heart rate to its peak. By focusing on the speed we are able to bring the heart rate up and focus on a cardiovascular element that’s often overlooked when we add a push up to the burpee. Simply make sure that your hips stay in line with your shoulders and never let your hips sag when you jump your feet back to a plank position. Make sure that when you come in from the burpee your feet land outside of your hands to secure and create proper alignment in your spine.


This move will keep your heart rate up. Power lunges are a signature move in Shaun T’s program Insanity Max 30 and I love them for the way they sculpt, tighten, and burn every single muscle group in your body. You have an extra emphasis on the legs and the dynamic plyometric component is sure to ignite your calorie burn.


A hip up has an extra focus on the entire backside of the body while keeping the core steadily engaged the entire time. The hip up has an extra emphasis on the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core. Plant your heels closer to your booty to really ignite the hamstrings. If you particularly like a hip up that is more glute focused, walk the feet forward and lift the toes off the ground so that your weight stays in your heels. Feel free to take your time throughout the movement as the purpose is not speed or cardiovascular endurance but to strengthen the core and the backside while opening the hips. Strengthen the core by keeping it engaged as you breathe.


You may be saying, “Chip, why are there no ab focused exercises in this workout sequence?” That is simply because you are working your abs throughout every single exercise. What a lot of people don’t know about core work is you are working your abs throughout each of the movements because you are connecting your breath to your movement.

When you connect your breath to your movement you have to inhale on the repetition and exhale on the work. While you exhale, your core has to be engaged. If you think about somebody coming up to you and punching you in the stomach, that’s what it feels like to have your core engaged throughout a push-up, a squat, a burpee, a lunge, and a hip up, your core should be engaged while you are doing this work! With that being said, each of your exercises is going to continue to work your core in a way that leaves you sore for the next 24 to 48 hours. if you need added resistance feel free to grab your dog and throw in a few extra reps.

Repeat each of these sequences until your form breaks.

Remember never compromise form for a rep and also, take your time through the first set of these movements, and after you feel like you are confident in your movement quality that’s when you can begin to increase the speed.

Also, take as many breaks as you need.

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