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6 Simple Ways to Find Your Joy

1. Guided Meditations: Meditation tends to get a bad wrap as being hard to do when you first start out however the practice is very simple. I... Read More.

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Your Relationship with Food is Your Relationship Everything

Your relationship with food is a mirror image for your relationship with everything in life. If your food choices are not right your body is definitely not... Read More.

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

The day has finally arrived! Transform :20, my new fitness program is now available to VIPS who purchase early access on Beach Body! If you want... Read More.

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5 Books to read during Quarantine that will prepare you to Conquer the World when It’s Over

This is a very trying time but if we take time to go within, strengthen our mindsets and take the opportunity to continue to learn we can... Read More.

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How to Stay Calm and Centered During the CoVID-19 Quarantine

During a time like this, it can be very easy to want to panic, and more than likely have a great deal of anxiety. However, what happens... Read More.

Health & Well-BeingWellness 10128
5 Healthy Habits to Create a Happy and Mindful Life

How you feelin’ today? With all the sh*t going on, it's easy to get distracted, annoyed or depressed. We need to learn how to change our mindset... Read More.

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Why Should You Explore Therapy?

Some people hear the word “therapy” and immediately recoil as they imagine laying on a couch while some man or woman, usually wearing glasses, attempts to talk... Read More.

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How to Reduce Harmful Toxins in Your Home

One of the most important issues being discussed today is the quality of our environment, particularly the air we breathe. Unfortunately, many of the factors that contribute... Read More.