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6 Simple Ways to Find Your Joy

1. Guided Meditations: Meditation tends to get a bad wrap as being hard to do when you first start out however the practice is very simple. I always advise people to start with envisioning a day that would be the greatest day every for them. One you have let your imagination run wild, pause and reflect on each part of this dream day and how you feel in the moments of it. Congratulations, you have just meditated while guided by things that will make you happy.

If you would like a little more assistance in getting started with meditation, join me by clicking here.

2. Make “Me Time”: It is so easy to get caught up in work, careers, relationships, family, friends and everything else that is apart of life but finding time for yourself is the best way to stay connected to joy. Even if it is taking 15 mins each day to pray because your relationship with God makes you happy or 30 mins to sit on your patio and water your plants puts you at peace; you have to make the time to do things for you (big or small.)

3. Find Your Peaceful Place: Sometimes finding space and time to be alone is the greatest gift you can give yourself. We tend to cultivate busy lives with tons of demands and a quite quiet moment or small safe space can do wonders for your mental health and happiness.

4. Find Something That You Enjoy That Takes Minimal Energy: Identifying little things that bring a smile to your face will come in handy when your life gets very busy and you are finding yourself frazzled. Too often we “don’t have time” to take a quick vacay or “don’t have the money” to buy that new awesome thing but if you can put a quick smile on your face with your favorite slice of pizza or by dancing to your favorite song you will find it easier to go on until you are able to do some of the bigger happy things you have on your list.  

5. Keep a Journal: This will be your “Book of Good”. Write down the things happening in your life but make a point to say what good is coming from anything that you have deemed bad. Rejection tends to be the universe redirecting us to things that are better. Setbacks can typically be looked at as setups for something else. If you can conquer your mind and perspective in times of trouble you can also find joy in almost anything!

6. Recognize and Appreciate The Space of Less Than Joy: I know it seems weird but you must acknowledge when you are not happy to get to a happy place. In those moments you will need to assess why you are not feeling joyous so that you can correct behaviors, adjust perspectives and perform actions that will get you to a better place. Feelings of sadness in life are real, valid and ultimately apart of the process.

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