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What To Get Your Love This Valentine’s Day

I will be the first to tell you that I am not a huge Valentine’s Day person. I personally enjoy regular and consistent displays of my affection... Read More.

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Save This Spring on Your Kids Clothes and Shoes

View this post on Instagram THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The love and support that you all have showed our family today is very overwhelming! @parents... Read More.

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My Top 10 Books for Young Kids

One of my favorite things to do with the boys is read books. In turn, they have fallen in love with books and cherish our reading time.... Read More.

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One-On-One Time with Your Kids

As parents of multiple children, Scott and I know the struggle there is to give each child individual attention while growing a business, flourishing in a career,... Read More.

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Home Decor Update Ideas for Spring 2019

Spring has sprung and in addition to the spring cleaning happening around the home, we should all be doing a bit of updating. Updating colors, pieces, and... Read More.

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10 Children’s Books to Start the Conversation About Race, Equality, and Life in America

With the state of the United States at the current moment, many life-changing events have started to have an impact on the young and impressionable minds of... Read More.

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Black Art Spaces You Should See in the US

One of the many ways that black people have expressed themselves is through art. Whether it is a beautiful melody, a riveting play, or a vibrant painting,... Read More.

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Why Should You Explore Therapy?

Some people hear the word “therapy” and immediately recoil as they imagine laying on a couch while some man or woman, usually wearing glasses, attempts to talk... Read More.