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Save This Spring on Your Kids Clothes and Shoes

Spending on children’s clothing which they will outgrow in a matter of months can be daunting. That is why I like to save when and wherever possible. Saving on great quality clothing and shoes allows for a little extra spending on educations toys and experiences for the boys. Keep in mind, saving money is the goal but you never want to skimp on quality because that is how saving money quickly becomes wasting money.

Be Mindful of Coupons, Sales and Savings Programs:

I love shopping for the boys at H&M. Their clothes are high quality, stylish and well designed. H&M has an amazing savings program set-up where if you donate clothing or other textiles when you come into the store they give you 15% off your purchase. Unbelievable, right. On top of that, you don’t have to recycle H&M branded clothing, it could be any clothing. Not only will you save money on your kids’ clothes, but you are helping the environment by recycling your textiles.

Shop Stores and Brands That Are Closing: 

This isn’t a regular occurrence I know, but that is all the more reason to capitalize when it happens. Store closings make for prime opportunity to get items (and a lot of them) that you had your eye on for discounts as deep as 90% off. The latest brands to announce they would be closing their doors are Gymboree and Payless. While Gymboree is winding down its e-commerce component now, Payless has already ceased all online ordering opportunities. Head to your local Gymboree and Payless stores to capitalize on the deep savings now. You are maybe able to get all your kids back to school items before they even finish out this school year!

Shop Around:

The consumer of today has options, “We Have Options!”

When out shopping you can easily find something you love in store and quickly search the internet from your phone and find out if anyone has that same item for less. The key here is being patient and making the effort. Amazon is a Godsend for many as the once online book retailer is now a one-stop online shop for any and everything you could need in life. In addition to a quick Google or Amazon search, there are also a few apps on the market that allow you to scan item UPCs and search for better deals elsewhere. eBay | SHOPULAR | BUYVIA

Shop The Back of Your Favorite Stores:

The point is to find the clearance section in your favorite stores. Most of the time items make their way there because the brand is making room for the new seasons’ items. Try to make a habit of shopping the clearance section first in your favorite stores and you are bound to walk away with amazing savings.

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