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Let’s Talk Love and Compatibility

It’s so crazy because when I think back on past relationships I could never figure out why things just didn't work out. For the most part, I... Read More.

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What I Know About Accountability

Accountability is a major key in constructing your roadmap to success. It is vital in all areas of our lives from fitness to relationships. Now that we... Read More.

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What To Get Your Love This Valentine’s Day

I will be the first to tell you that I am not a huge Valentine’s Day person. I personally enjoy regular and consistent displays of my affection... Read More.

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What I Learned While I Was Single

It took time and growth for me while I was single to get to a place where I was not always thinking about who I could hang... Read More.

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Let’s Talk Self-Love

I am an advocate of having internal conversations. The bases for any level of self-love is the conversations you have with yourself. Being in the career that... Read More.

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Why Should You Explore Therapy?

Some people hear the word “therapy” and immediately recoil as they imagine laying on a couch while some man or woman, usually wearing glasses, attempts to talk... Read More.

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Unlearning Things That No Longer Serve You

As we continue to move through life, we change not just physically but mentally too. A big part of this growth is realizing that some of the... Read More.

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Shaun T’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here which means food, family, and awesome gift-giving. Yes, the most important thing is the time spent with our loved ones but who can... Read More.