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Shaun T’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here which means food, family, and awesome gift-giving. Yes, the most important thing is the time spent with our loved ones but who can resist the smile on the face of family when they open your, well thought out, super perfect gift. In this guide, we share awesome gift options for everyone starting with special selects from #TEAMSHAUNT. 

From Team Shaun T

For the kiddos, bubble bath bombs with hidden toys inside are super fun and a hit with Silas and Sander.  Our kids LOVE baths in our house and the Unicorn or Super Hero Bath Bombs would make an amazing gift for your kids too!

Hummingbird wind chimes that change colors – grandma LOVES this and so do our boys!  They are solar activated/charged and change colors. Speaking of grandma, this year it won’t be so easy to travel and be with family while also trying to remain safe and social distance. You need the Brio Cam since the holidays will be virtual this year. It is sooooooo crystal clear and easy to use!

 WE COOK ALMOST EVERYTHING WITH OUR AIRFRYER!  THIS IS A LIFESAVER IN OUR HOME! Trust us, if you give a loved one an air fryer, they will LOVE IT! Everyone should try Crumbl Cookies!  O-M-GEEEEEZIE!! Yes, they are that good! #mindblown

 Dry Farm Wines is organic, low sugar, low alcohol, no sulfates, and TASTES DELISH!  Plus, my personal testimony, you don’t get the hangover!  #truestory Perfect gift for friends or family, as we finish out this insane year! Because of the pandemic, people can’t go out to eat… why not bring the fancy restaurant food to your home!  Give an Uber Eats (or GrubHub) Gift Card!!  That way someone can have a date night at home!

Our kids LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Native Shoes!  So much that I want to get some for myself!  They have shoes for adults and kids – lightweight, stylish and they are social activists! Find Out About Feelings helps preschoolers find out more about themselves – the book is racially diverse and FULL of learning! Also, Giraffes Can’t Dance is a great story with a great lesson that the boys absolutely love. 

Shaun and I love this wallet. It is ammmmmaaazzzeeeballs!

No matter where you are going or what you are doing, there’s a good chance at some point your phone or tablet might need to be charged. I never leave the house without a LifeProof Power Pack. They sell rechargeable packs for your laptop and/or iPhone and they hold a really long charge. A Spotify subscription the coolest way to find new music, search playlists from others, and stream seamlessly throughout your smart devices in your house and on the go. It’s reasonably priced and offers a sleek, easy to use interface, which makes it the perfect gift for your loved one who is moved by music. 

Vivo Barefoot Shoes are good for your feet and good for the planet. Vivo produces innovative shoes, whilst educating humans on the biomechanics of natural movement for workouts or for casual wear.  It wouldn’t be 2020 without a cute face mask. My good friend Michael Ngo (fashion designer to queens like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande) not only custom makes the masks but he donates 100% of the profits to the LA food bank. 

Literally, the best way to take a phone call, blast your workout playlist, or plug into an audiobook or podcast. Apple AirPods Pro.

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