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Home Decor Update Ideas for Spring 2019

Spring has sprung and in addition to the spring cleaning happening around the home, we should all be doing a bit of updating. Updating colors, pieces, and textures in your space can create new vibes and great inspiration for you to further prosper, grow and love this year. Two places in your home that we feel will give the most bang for your buck on updating decor are the bedroom and the kitchen. Here are some tips and inspiration for switching up your space this spring:


The easiest updates to make in the bedroom will be your bedding. Changing out your sheets and duvet will instantly change the energy and look in the room while allowing you to play with different colors and textures.


To take it a step further, we suggest adding new pillows and throws. The addition of these items can take your bed from cute to chic in a matter of moments.


Adding plants and flowers in your space is a great way to economically update while breathing new life into the room.

Have you tried diffusers yet? If not, you should start now. A diffuser gives your space the phenomenal scents of a candle with the mood and spirit-boosting abilities of aromatherapy.


Lightning can be one of the most overlooked elements in a room. Check your light bulbs and if you haven’t already, swap them out for daylight balance light bulbs which will emit a clean white light in your room. With daylight bulbs, your room will be instantly brighter which just screams spring.

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Now that we have addressed the kind of light you use in your space lets talk about the light fixtures you use. Adding a gorgeous end table lamp or decorative floor lamp could be the deciding factor on how fresh your updated space feels. You can use beautifully designed light fixtures to add color and character to your bedroom.


Kitchens can be a bit tricky when considering affordable seasonal updates. The large appliances are major permanent purchases that you would never want to swap out seasonally. However, there are quite a few small updates that make a big difference when you are ushering in a new season into your kitchen.

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Organization updates are a lifesaver as our eating habits tend to shift with the seasons. Ensure your kitchen remains functional for the types of meals you will be preparing by auditing and adjusting the contents in your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator.

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Swap out the kitchen accessories you display such as towels, vases that hold kitchenware, and potholders for newer ones with bright colors and different textures. Add a piece of art to the space.


Swap out your window treatments. Adding bamboo blinds, for example, will create a lighter more eco-friendly vibe to your kitchen so select new blinds or drapes that create the vibe you want in your kitchen and make that change.

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Paint! This is a little more to do, but a fresh coat of paint on the walls or cabinets in your kitchen could completely change the room and how you feel while in it. You could even opt for a temporary wallpaper with tons of character and then opt to shift back to your paint next season. A quick refresher never hurt anybody!

We hope you loved these Spring 2019 Home Decor tips! Let’s continue the conversation on Twitter with Shaun (@ShaunT) where he will share more of his favorite pics and tips!

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