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Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

The day has finally arrived! Transform :20, my new fitness program is now available to VIPS who purchase early access on Beach Body! If you want to join the movement and start your transformation CLICK HERE.

During the filming of the Transform :20 workouts, I also filmed a companion series called  “Transform Your Life with Shaun T”. In this series (Episode 2 featured above)  I was able to help the cast get physically fit and also unpack other things that impact their transformation journeys.

Fitness is not just about the physical. Sometimes we are struggling physically to get where we want to be because we have yet to deal with things emotionally or mentally. It is completely normal and no one should feel bad about it happening to them. I am very proud of this episode because I was able to have a few cast members acknowledge, confront and ultimately start the journey to transforming through each of the “other” issues that have been affecting them deeply. 

I have two questions for you:

  1. Are you ready to Transform Your Life?
  2. What do you feel could be holding you back?

You can comment below or on my Instagram page: @ShaunT. I would love to know the answers and see you get started on your transformation journey. 

Want to join the Transform :20 and get a new work out everyday for the next 6 weeks? Click the Photo Below to Started!

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