Creating a HomeSchooling Experience That Works For Your Child

Homeschooling was not my original plan for my son’s education. My family and I moved from Maryland to Florida in November of 2019. Instead of placing my son into another pre-school program, I chose to introduce homeschooling to prepare him for Kindergarten.

Creating the Curriculum

In order to build my Homeschooling curriculum, I performed quite a bit of research. I took the time to peruse the school system’s website for any information that may be listed regarding Foundation Blocks and Standards of Learning for Kindergartners. I visited the website for the school my son would be attending and reviewed any documents that were made available by Kindergarten teachers to get an idea of which skills and concepts are being introduced in the classroom. Reaching out to moms in my Mom Facebook group proved to be very helpful, as some of these moms were teachers and were able to provide suggestions and resources. 

Tyfani’s Son Koen –

With the collection of information and the incorporation of an online learning program, I was able to build a curriculum that focused on both my son’s strengths and weaknesses, while also introducing new areas of learning. 

The School Day

Our homeschooling sessions are held for 3hrs/day 5 days/week, to include necessary breaks for snack time and outdoor/indoor play. My son is also given a small amount of Homework 3 to 4 days per week, which he’ll usually complete with my husband. I created a Good Morning Board, a board used to review our daily concepts ie. Months, Days of the week, Weather, Sight Word of the Week, etc. to kick off our learning time. On Fridays, which we designated as SciFridays, my son and I would perform fun science experiments with a simple learning component. At the end of a 2-week period, my son was given an assessment (oral, written, online learning program games) to measure his progress.

Steps to creating your homeschool curriculum:

  1. Look up your local school district and survey any information provided as it relates to Standards of Learning for your child’s current or next grade level.
  2. Build a community of support by reaching out to other Homeschooling parents, especially those who have children at or around the age of your child(ren). 
  3. Research National Learning Resources.
  4. Plan daily learning sessions centered in understanding your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.
  5. Set up a designated learning space. 
  6. Create a schedule and stick to it! Kids thrive on repetition and routine. Their learning environment should be safe and structured.
  7. Create your own or utilize assessments created by other educators to assess your child’s progress. This assists in measuring your child’s developmental needs and also gives insight as to whether you need to adjust teaching styles. 
  8. Take full advantage of the opportunity to create the most favorable learning environment for you and your child. For the parent, Homeschooling is extra work but proves to be beneficial in the area of education as well as deepening the relationship between you and your child.

The Reward

Tyfani’s Daughter Everleigh –

While Homeschooling was a change in my plans and definitely a change in my son’s idea of school, we are both so grateful for the change. Our experience has been such a pleasure. It’s so rewarding to see my son boost in confidence when he’s made progress or mastered a skill with which he was once struggling. I love to hear him say, “Mommy taught me that!” or “I learned that in school!” Although he’s enjoyed his homeschooling experience, my son expresses often, he misses his friends. He misses the social aspect of being in a public school setting.

I am a mom of two – my daughter is two years old – and that dynamic alone creates its own challenges. Luckily, she is eager to do all the things that her big brother does and is an eager pupil in our Homeschool. 

I’m grateful to have made the transition to Homeschool before COVID became such a force in our daily lives. My son was not pulled away from another group of friends and teachers when quarantine orders and school closings began. My hope is that our homeschooling experience will serve as a solid introduction to his Distance Learning experience that’s to begin this the Fall.

If you need additional resources and information reach out to me @Tyf.ani. I share more from my experience in motherhood and marriage on my blog Thank you, Shaun T (@ShaunT), and the team for sharing my perspective on this incredible lifestyle site. I look forward to connecting, growing, and learning together!

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