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It’s Time for A Mental Health Day

It doesn’t matter where you are in your walk of life. Whether you are a celebrity, a business owner, a stay at home mom or a fitness motivator like myself, everyone has to deal with stress and no one exempt from the ebbs and flows that happen in life. No amount of money, number of kids, or amount of money in the bank will prevent you from all encountering issues, obstacles and hurdles that take us on a journey that can cause us to be overwhelmed. Things can look phenomenal on the outside but the internal self could be struggling with something way deeper. 

I’m acknowledging all that I am doing and going through right now. Team Shaun T  just came back from my 8 week European tour, I just started hosting on CBS sports, I own my own business, jumped right into Beach body summit, there is a lot going on. All are incredible things and truly a blessing but I have to check in with me and make sure that I am good inside so that I can continue to thrive outside.  It’s time to take a moment for myself and do a mental health day.

What I am doing on My Mental Health Day

Today I’m taking a step to better MY health and I’m not talking about arms, abs or intermittent fasting! I’m talking about taking the time to fill my cup and specifically, rest my brain! I’m very happy in my marriage and my career but I still have to be cognizant of the amount of energy I’m expending because even energy that is expended for passion and happiness is still energy being sent outward. So what exactly am I going to do?

Today, I’m finding a new therapist. 

Yes! I’m going to talk to someone because it’s really important for me to just vent. I may laugh. I may cry. I may sit in silence – but I know it’s going to put me on a path to be consistent with releasing anything that could possibly hold me back, internally!

I’m going to workout! HARD! 

When I do a hard workout, I feel emotional healing because there’s something great about pushing myself to the point where I have to believe in myself to get to the next second!

I’m going to spend time with my boys.

Connecting with them after being away for a few days heals my heart! Truth be told, it breaks every time I leave them!

I’m going to get a massage and hangout at the spa for an hour. 

There are many studies that show going to the sauna a few times a week is good for the body!

I’m going to the movies

 ALL BY MYSELF just because I want to eat popcorn and a soft pretzel at the same time. 🤣💪

I’m going to cuddle with Scott

Because he’s my #SafeSpace!

I know this is a lot but we have to be aware of our energy and how to refill it. Full disclosure, there are so many people out there who are holding things inside, are afraid to express themselves because of what others will think, or just out of embarrassment!




If you or anyone you know needs to release some energy, talk to someone and plan a day for yourself. It could really save your life!

If you are ready to take a mental health day but don’t know what to do:

Write down all the things that would make you happy. 

Take a day off and do at least 5 of those things!

Then DM me or comment here how it went and how you feel! @Shaunt

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