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The Things You Are Forgetting to Clean in Your Home


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While cleaning we tend to look for the obviously visible messes however, many of the things that need to be consistently cleaned don’t always appear “dirty”. Checking and cleaning your shower for mold and mildew is one of those things. We sometimes associate mold and mildew to the green and gray stuff we see growing in the dark and wet places around our home but before we even see enough of it to identify as mildew or mold it’s there. That is why we must consistently clean and wipe down surfaces with eco-friendly cleaning and antimicrobial solutions. When you look at the grout between tiles in your shower or the wall corners that meet the bathtub and wonder why they are darkening, it’s because of dirt and mold likely mildew is starting to grow there.


There are so many things that stay in our homes way too long. Expired cosmetics, medicines, lotions, and other personal hygiene items are some of the most common to clutter up space. Make a point to quarterly clean out under your counter so you are never harboring unsafe and expired items.

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This is where all of our junk from the day goes to die. My nightstand collects my many… many… MANY… lip balms but for you could be change, receipts, and pens from your pocket. Each day we sit on the edge of our beds as we get ready for bed and load whatever we still have with us onto or into our nightstand. Take a second and dump out your nightstand drawer, then put back anything that aids in your nighttime routine or lifts your mood. Everything else goes in its proper place or the trash.

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It is so easy to act as if under the bed does not exist but it does. Dust goes there to organize and multiple, your socks go there to evade you and nine times out of ten that thing you lost last month made its way there as well. Depending on how we utilize the space under our beds, it can get very junky very fast. Once a quarter (at least) take an afternoon, pull everything out, dust or sweep, audit and reorganize what you put back. Your peace of mind and allergies will thank you!



Just as we have to regularly check in under or bed for the dust and dirt kingdom that could amass, we should also check the bottom of our mattresses. The amount of dust and debris accumulating here is huge and practically inevitable when you think of most dust particles being skin cells, and we are constantly shedding those. Give the bottom of your mattress a quick wipe down at least once a month and you should be good with keeping dust and dirt at bay.



We are very quick to clean our window interiors. Who am I kidding? We aren’t quick to clean windows, but we definitely aren’t thinking about the exterior of our windows which get dirty too. Granted, the interior of our windows collects dust, fingerprints and whatever else the family is getting into but the exterior of the windows are exposed to the elements. We have to remember this and make a point to clean or have them clean if we hope to see clearly through them.

What’s a place in your home you haven’t cleaned in awhile? Post it in a comment below!

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