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What a healthy fitness mentality looks like

I am not going to lie, jumping into the conversation of establishing what a “healthy” mentality is for any subject matter is hard. A “healthy” mentality will vary for everyone. In terms of me, “healthy” is what am I committed to. What am I committed to doing? Healthy to me is committed to eating healthy. It is committed to working out and having positive relationships. It is continuing to be transparent with myself even when I am veering off track. Healthy to me is having a glass of wine, donut or piece of cake at a party and not depriving yourself of it because you don’t want to gain twenty pounds. Healthy to me truly looks like commitment.

That is why in my new fitness program, Transform 20, the first chapter is about commitment. If you don’t commit to something it won’t happen. You have to commit and that has to be the foundation. 

One of the things that annoys me most about Instagram is that everybody is a motivational speaker but nobody is living in the motivating mentality. People are pushing all these “shoulds” onto others. You should do this! You should do that. However, they aren’t even close to living their lives in the ways in which they speak. So many people speak things but aren’t being truthful. People ignore what’s really going on by attaching to the positive quote or post. Too often, right after that same person posted that positive quote they return to their den of negativity after pressing send. Instagram is a good thing is people who are wanting to express their feelings and emotions. But at the same time, I think that we can post a picture put a filter, put a quote and it becomes a detriment to what we really need which a lot of times is therapy. Social media allows us to mask ourselves, our feelings and experiences which ultimately detaches you from the things that you need to confront and deal with to grow and get better.

We really need to discuss how we are getting through things versus acting as if the pain, negativity or adverse emotions don’t exist at all. There is so much power in being honest about what you are going through and then being positive about how you plan to overcome. We need to bring to light a healthy mentality is not just reading a book in the morning or listening to the motivator it’s actually implementing not just the ideas but also the struggle and being honest about the struggle. That way it organically turns into a positive. The reason why we have to do spring cleaning is that throughout the entire year we bought these clothes, we wore them once, and tugged and pulled and it may not have actually fit and now you have this closet full of stuff. The negative baggage is all the stuff you amass and refuse to address and release. Remember when you clean you have to put each and every garment in that bag and you have to look at what you are throwing away. You have to face each and everything you shoved in the closet and didn’t want to deal with.

A healthy mentality whether it relates to your fitness journey, romantic journey, career journey or anything else is one where you are honest and transparent with yourself about the entire experience, the good and the bad, the feelings associated with each and you commit to doing your best each day with it all.

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