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It’s Time to Cultivate “Hindsight Now”

None of us could have imagined this would be our life now. Shortly after the New Year, CoVID-19 started to pop up and infect people around the world. A month and a half later the world was coming to a halt issuing quarantine and stay at home orders, promoting social distancing and requesting the complete stop of global travel to contain a virus that we have yet to fully understand. Quarantine has thrown a wrench in plans, compromised the economic stability for millions, separated families, and creating the perfect storm for radical activism promoting the need for immediate change to laws, systems, and organizations. While we are still going through, it would be easy to just think all hope is lost, or allow ourselves to get down however in conversation with the phenomenal Lewis Howes (for the Trust & Believe Podcast) Shaun T, discussed the idea of “Hindsight Now”

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“When I felt under pressure or under attack I just said I am going to have hindsight now. I’m not going to have hindsight later. — For whatever reason, that kinda came to me. A year from now, it’s gonna be new years eve, my life is going to be completely different, I’m going to have some incredible people in my life. I’m gonna know who my best friends are. My business is gonna be growing, and this all is gonna be behind me.”

– Lewis Howes on The Trust & Believe Podcast Episode 233

“Hindsight Now” is when in your trying time, low moment, broken spirit, or deep sadness you take time to think about yourself on the other side. Be present in your struggle, feel how you feel but don’t allow your negative feelings or thoughts to trap you there. Free yourself with the process of thinking intentionally: “What my life will look like a year from now”. The biggest universe obstacle we are all being faced with right now is the Coronavirus pandemic however you can use this idea for any troubling life experience. 

“I remember saying that over and over again. I’m gonna have hindsight now. This is happening for me. This is gonna give me tools. This is gonna help me shed my ego more. This is gonna help me purge relationships that are taking all my time. This is happening for me, it’s a powerful example of how it’s gonna help catapult me to serving more people. One day this is all gonna make sense as well. Something is going to happen in the world where people are going to need to come to me and I wouldn’t have been prepared without this type of challenge or experience and now I am going through the experience I need.”

– Lewis Howes on The Trust & Believe Podcast Episode 233

1. Be Present in the Moment: 

Don’t ever ignore your thoughts and feelings in troubling times. Feel it. Think. Be. Allow yourself those moments of humanity because it is not all good all the time and suppressing feelings or thoughts can lead to greater issues down the line. 

2. Think About Your Life A Year from The Current Moment You Are In: 

Imagine all of the amazing things that could result from this moment. It won’t be easy but it’s doable. If you are going through a breakup, think about the amazing people you are will have met by this time next year. If you are struggling with your fitness journey, think about how your commitment will manifest your healthy body, mind, and spirit a year from now. What will you do? Where will you be? Who will you know? How awesome will you feel? 

3. Surround Yourself With Good People:

Your circle is always one of the most important influences that you have 100% control over. Set yourself up for success and to thrive in your life by surrounding yourself with people who affirm who you want to be and where you want to go. Having people around that push you to stay the same or devolve will not serve you in your valley or when you have climbed out and to the mountain top. 

4. Stay Open:

You can imagine what will happen, but in all actuality, you don’t know. Don’t give yourself limitations. Trust that everything that is happening is working for your ultimate good and be open to what life is giving you. 

Looking for a little more motivation? Check out the full conversation with Shaun T and Lewis Howes on the Trust and Believe Podcast Episode #233. Also, follow Shaun T (@ShaunT) on your favorite social media platforms for daily inspiration and connection with amazing humans just like you! 

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