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Finishing the Year Strong

In October you should be still doing what you started doing on January 1st! You should have the same energy leaving the year as you did going into the year. That energy doesn’t have to be on a hundred. It’s very hard to sustain going a hundred miles an hour through everything, all year long but what if you committed to the consistent energy of at least eighty-five miles an hour.

I love a good tennis analogy, so here goes:

“What is your rally ball?” In tennis, there is a time to go for the kill and there is time to rally. Instead of feeling like every ball you hit has to be the hardest, the fastest and the best, prepare and play the rally also.

People love to start out the year all hard and then arrive at the final stretch exhausted. So exhausted that they find themselves making choices that could unravel all the hard work they did all year.

Quick question, “Are you people?”.

On a fitness note, a lot of you drop off simply because it’s getting colder outside and you are covering up your bodies. It’s easier to push looking good for the summer because you don’t have on any clothes anyway. The major key, however, is the thing that you need to work out and need to be healthy, your heart and your internal self is always covered anyway. So drop that excuse.

Let me keep it really real with you. The holiday time is actually 3 days. (Some religions have a few more days) You mean to tell me you are going to let everything fall by the wayside, your goals, your health, how great you feel, your accomplishments thus far, for 3 days! You can go to a party, you don’t have to celebrate like it’s Thanksgiving every day of December. I get it, you want to enjoy yourself but don’t use the holidays to go completely off the wall with your health, fitness, and goals.

One of the reasons I love celebrating Donut Friday is because I want people to see I am happy with my body, working out consistently, intermittent fasting regularly, eating well but I am also going to enjoy my donuts.

In the last 90 days of this year, it is important that you remain in or gain control, and keep it during the holiday season. In my book, T is for Transformation, I have a whole chapter dedicated to the last 70 meters of a race. You should read it. It will give you the perfect playbook for finishing the year just as strong as you started. At the end of most things people tend to slow down but in the last 70 meters is where you need to look beyond the finish line. Instead of thinking about the end of the year, think about what you want to be doing in the middle of February next year.

Do you want to slow down or speed up and give yourself momentum for going into the next year?

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