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I believe the best way to transform is…

as people,
we are:

How can I help you?

My mission is to uplift the world. To serve this mission, I’ve created a series of different tools, trainings, programs, platforms and communities.

Each one is it’s own adventure – uniquely designed to help you transform your life AND have a fun time doing it!

My #1 most popular and transformational program is
“The Safe Space”

This is where we meet and gather every day, every week, and every month to uplevel every area of our lives and #TransformTogether.

I also have signature programs to help you transform specific areas of your life – the 7 Day Jumpstart, Mood For Food, Relationship Thrivation.

To better get to know what would truly support you, I’d love to know:

“I believe the best way to
transform is together.”


The “Trust & Believe” Manifesto

(First time readers get to know what Shaun is about, and others keep coming back to re-read this for inspiration)

The SpaceSpace is a real time space for health, hope, motivation and inspiration, no matter where you are on your life journey.

The Safe Space was created by Shaun T to help you dig deeper within your inner self.

We’ll talk about how to break the yo-yo, instigate change, become more mentally and physically fit and have unstoppable confidence to be a more powerful you.





With Shaun T

Transform Your Fitness, Love and Life




Episode 424

Building an Empire with Mario Canon

From a young age, Mario Canon had a passion for music and dreamed of becoming an entertainer. However, his dreams were shattered after getting into serious trouble with the law, and turned to the streets when he felt he had nothing left. Losing his siblings to violence was a wake-up call for him to turn […]

Episode 423

A Deep Dive into the New T25 Delta & B25

Shaun takes us on a deep dive of the highly anticipated T25 Delta and B25! He shares his overall preparation for the program, both mentally and physically – as well as insights on the program’s blocks, what they will look like, and what participants can expect from the program as a whole. Shaun also provides […]

Episode 422

How to Find Your Light Through the Darkness With Micki Freeman

In this inspiring podcast episode, Micki shares her personal story of overcoming adversity and finding strength through difficult situations. Through her many trials and tribulations, she learned that everything life had for you is a lesson, blessing, or skill. She has faced many adversities, including sexual abuse, and mental abuse from family members and loved […]

Episode 421

From Orphanage to Olympian – Redefining Your Limitations with Oksana Masters

Get ready to be inspired by the incredible story of Oksana Masters, the U.S.’s most decorated winter Paralympic athlete. From a Ukrainian orphanage to the podium, Oksana had to overcome immense adversity, including being disfigured from in-utero radiation exposure in the fallout from Chernobyl and enduring horrific conditions in an orphanage. But with fierce determination […]

Episode 420

Understanding ADHD and How to Manage it Effectively with Dr. Perry Mandanis

Today, Shaun is joined by Dr. Perry Mandanis, a medical doctor with over 35 years of experience in helping children and adults improve their symptoms of ADHD. Dr. Mandanis has a unique perspective on mental health, having reinvented himself after a spinal cord injury left him wheelchair-dependent. We dive into the science behind ADHD and […]

Get Inspired Daily With

"Shaun T life is a movement."

It's a calling of decency on humanity, an inclusion of ALL people and a world full of love! His endless support and acceptance at all times is priceless. My journey is about embracing the process now, and Shaun helps us do that with every fiber of his being. Live events, virtual events, podcasts, fitness programs, social media, etc. Forever grateful to be a part of his community!

Lori Nudy

"With Insanity, Shaun was the first person who truly challenged me, & not just physically."

He ignited & reinforced my inner strength, a strength I didn't know I had, or would need, because it hadn't been truly challenged...yet. His Transformation Center, groups, webinars, & live events have brought me life changing growth & joy. A before & after photo, or words here could never adequately describe how Shaun has transformed my life. I am so thankful to know him, & forever grateful to have my life touched by him.

Charlene Lombardo

"I first discovered Shaun T way back in 2012 with Insanity because I wanted to get in shape for my wedding."

I had no idea that the transformation I was about to experience would include a mental and emotional shift as well as some truly incredible physical changes. Shaun has been a part of my life ever since. His giant heart and consistent uplifting messages bring me joy daily.

Briana Rupp

"In the 5 years I’ve been doing Shauns workouts he’s changed so much more than my body." He’s given me confidence in my mind, my abilities, and most importantly taught me that sometimes it’s ok to not be ok.

Stefanie Scaretta

"My journey started in June 2018 with CIZE."

I was just hoping to lose the weight I had gained after a car accident. Never did I imagine I would transform my life. After CIZE I did Rockin Body. When Transform: 20 came out in January 2019, I was hooked! I even took my step to Jamaica with me so I could complete week 6. Me! The girl who hadn’t stepped foot in a gym since 2013 was now bringing my equipment with me on vacation. Not only was Shaun helping me get in shape again, but his Safe Space group and his pep talks started bringing me out of a depression I had been in since I lost my fiancé in 2014. I’m a lifer now. Dig deeper nation has been there through the entire pandemic! The only constant in this crazy world.

Alissa Ganci

"Each day I wake up to 'Trust & Believe' I am thankful that on a morning 10yrs ago"

Shaun T jumped into my living room with his Insanity program and at that moment I ordered his DVD and have never looked back.

Oh, there have been struggles, both physically and mentally & there will be many more, but Shaun has shown me that I can change my mind and my body will follow.

The SafeSpace is our group place for support without judgment where we come together with a common goal, to change our lives, Mind, Body, and Soul.

Clare Tompkins

"My journey began in 2008, after a major back surgery; and because of Shaun"

I have learned that it is OK to just be one is perfect! The mistakes that I have made are a part of my journey and my story. All the failures and setbacks have made me stronger, and have made me who I am today! They keep me grounded, humbled and they have shown me strength that I didn't know that I had in me.

Life is so much about being present in every moment - NOT about trying to be perfect! Comparisons rob you of your joy! It is perfectly OK to just be your own individual self!

Nancy Lacy

"One of the parts of my journey that I’ve struggled with the most is thinking that my transformation hasn’t been good enough in the eyes of others." So many look at what’s on the outside and can’t see the internal transformation I’ve experienced. But, Shaun taught me to let go of what others think and just own it! His words to me in July 2019 changed my entire outlook on my journey and now I’m proud to embrace it all, regardless of what anyone else may think!

Jennifer Halter

“Through The Years I Have Run A ½ Marathon And 3 Full Marathons. These Are Things I Would Have Never Even Considered Doing!”

“I started my journey with Shaun T in 2012! I wanted a change for me! Through the years I have run a ½ marathon and 3 full marathons. These are things I would have never even considered doing! I have been able to continue to work out and help others in my hometown and to keep on working out!”

Kilann Tanape

“Shaun T Saved My Life Without Even Knowing It.”

My transformation started in 2019 when I found Transform:20 with Shaun T. My story is quite long but I will keep it short.. Shaun T saved my life without even knowing it. My IVF miracle twins were supposed to be the same age as his boys, but we lost them at 22 weeks, which led to finding liver tumors, and in my darkest despair I found Shaun T.

Melodee Giacomino

“Shaun Has Basically Instilled All The Foundational Blocks That Keep Me Honest, True, And Real In This Journey.”

I’m forever grateful for all that Shaun T is and continues to be. Shaun has basically instilled all the foundational blocks that keep me honest, true, and real in this journey.

Brian Wolf

“He’s Taught Me To ALWAYS Be True To Myself And Put Forth My Best Effort And The Rest Just Falls Into Place.”

“My journey started with Shaun T in 2015 and always comes back to him no matter if it’s physical or mental. He’s taught me to ALWAYS be true to myself and put forth my best effort and the rest just falls into place. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for him”

Simo Oates



Hi, my name is

I’m most famously known as The World’s #1 Leading “Transformational Trainer”

But what very few people know about me is my REAL story…

The story of what really got me started on my journey and all the things I went through that got me to where I am today…

Helping tens of millions of people from all around the world transform themselves and their life, from the inside out.