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You see it! You are here now! We launched, your new destination for a deep connection with me and the fit fam, where I can share more of life’s journey with you. This month we talked about your relationship with food, accountability, finding your joy, and compatibility. Here on Shaun T Life, I plan to talk about everything so expect to hear about travel, parenting, marriage, mental health and more!

The Get L.I.T Experience in NYC

If you missed the GET L.I.T EXPERIENCE this time be sure to CLICK HERE and get on the list for next years! The full GET L.I.T EXPERIENCE is a morning work out, two keynote talks with question and answers and an amazing after party to dance and celebrate your awesome accomplishments from the day. This year we had over 500 people join us for a day of fitness, fellowship, laughs, tears and most of all fun. It was so great to be back in NYC for the start of the year with this event. Everyone came out with great attitudes, deep questions, and connection on their minds. I left NYC feeling so amazed by the community we have built and I look forward for us continuing to show up for one another.

Parents Magazine Cover

Scott, Sander, Silas and I are on the February Cover of Parents Magazine and to say blown away would be an understatement. Our family absolutely loves how the feature turned out and while in NYC for the Get L.I.T Experience we stopped past the Parents and People Magazine Offices to officially receive our cover and do a few interviews. This was our family first cover feature but trust it won’t be the last. Parents magazine has received overwhelming love and support for this cover and it was a bit surreal to hear how our family broke records for engagement and release. Thank you Parents Magazine for having the Blokker Boys!

Launched Transform 20

I launched my first new fitness program, Transform 20, this month. Transform 20 is a 6-week program of 20 minute works for 6-days a week. Every day the workout is different. I want to thank everyone that has signed up as a VIP for Transform 20 and were able to start it on January 14 as apart of early access. The Full Program is available in April on Beachbody on Demand but those who wanted to get started now were able to do so. If you would like to sign up, CLICK HERE.

On The Today Show

What did you do in January? Anything that made you laugh out loud and smile? Anything you want to change in February? Tell me in the comments below! Thanks for reading and keep coming back because I have so much more in store for you!

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