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Living an Intentional Life

It is important to live an intentional life.

Do you know who you want to be, what you want to do or where you want to be?

For me, an intentional life means living authentically, digging deeper to push myself pass my comfort zone and fear, supporting and loving my family and friends and enjoying every step of the way. It could be very easy to lose myself or get stuck in unhealthy cycles with the crazy busy life I lead but living with intention cuts out a lot of the confusion and lack of clarity that tends to arise when it’s missing and helps me create and live a life I love!

In this conversation about intention I wanted to go through my summer and talk about how I navigated a busy schedule, traveling with toddlers internationally, leading my team, growing my brand and more all while staying grounded in who I am. 

The summer started this year for us with the tail end of Shaun T Trains Europe which is our International Fitness and Motivational Tour that hits various cities across Europe. Shaun T Trains Europe 2 was eight and a half weeks of hard work, travel, long hours, loads of focus and still a bunch of fun. Team Shaun T, The Boys, some family and I traveled through Europe to 

Back in the US and pretty much back to business shortly after, I took an opportunity with CBS SPORTS as the World Team Tennis On-Air Correspondent. Something I have never done before but will certainly be doing again. 

On July 20th I wrote:

If you told me 20 years ago that I’d be calling a match for a Sunday tennis event on national TV, I would have run to my room, jumped on my bed and screamed with excitement. So, when I get to my hotel room in Vegas today, that is exactly what I’m going to do. Listen, as long as you stay the course, you will reach your destination! It may not be the course you thought it would be to get you there but accept it because AMAZING THINGS CAN STILL HAPPEN ALONG THE WAY!

After coming home from tour, taking a brief break and then jumping into my job with CBS I started to check in with myself and find that I was growing anxious. This prompted me to take a mental health day and started to implement more ever since to ensure that I am grounded and good, able to meet each day with the best and brightest Shaun T I can be.

On July 22nd I wrote:

Today I’m taking a step to better MY health and I’m not talking about arms, abs or intermittent fasting! I’m talking about taking the time to fill my cup and specifically, rest my brain! I’m very happy in my marriage and my career but I still have to be cognizant of the amount of energy I’m expending because even energy that is expended for passion and happiness is still energy being sent outward. Full disclosure, there are so many people out there who are holding things inside, are afraid to express themselves because of what others will think, or just out of embarrassment!




If you or anyone you know needs to release some energy, talk to someone and plan a day for yourself. It could really save your life!

Check-in with yourself. Do you need a mental health day? Part of this intentional living is being self-aware and ready to take action to make sure you get to and stay in a great place whether it’s mentally, physically, emotionally, etc… 

The longer you do nothing the stronger nothing gets.

#TruthBomb – Shaun T

Every summer we head to Seattle, where Scott is from, and enjoy quality family time. Picking a meaningful place like Seattle and hosting one-weekend event allowed for me to get tons of family and vacation time in without completely stopping the work train.

Scott and I even had Team Shaun T do a mastermind meeting for the final quarter of this year and the first quarter next year which has setups up to finish the year strong. The boys can have fun in another new environment exploring everything from our families boat of the lack to the tractor Sander became obsessed with at the house next door.

Team Shaun T and I went to Cedar Point and I loved every moment of it. This was an awesome opportunity to reconnect on a personal level with the team and more importantly have a lot of fun. I love rollercoasters and initially thought of taking a last-minute trip to Cedar Point but what would make that experience better? Doing it with some of the amazing people I love! Getting Sam on a few rollercoasters and just laughing and enjoying each others company at an amusement park was AH-MAZING!

Scott and I also prioritized date nights throughout the summer because our relationship thriving is ver important to us. We are just as invested in our union growing as we grow as individuals.

Either you accept your life as is or you accept your responsibility to change it!

#TruthBomb – Shaun T

Currently, the family and I are in New York, enjoying all the matches for the US OPEN. I love playing tennis, watching tennis, learning more about tennis, just all things tennis! Heading to the US OPEN each year is a treat for myself and Scott as we have worked so hard all year and are shifting into another season where things will pick back up and be very busy. Identify the things you love and intentionally make time to experience them as often as possible. It’s just as important as working hard!

I don’t tell you to TRUST & BELIEVE “just because”. I mean exactly that!

Trust & Believe …

in who you are,

what you want,

what you aspire to be,

the energy you create,

and in the life you want to live.

Be intentional. 

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