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6 Tips for Making Sure Your Work From Home Process Actually Works

It is becoming abundantly clear that “Work From Home” will become our new normal for the foreseeable future and #TeamShaunT wanted to share some powerful tips to help you make your experience working from home the best it can possibly be. With these simple but effective tips, you will be able to set clear boundaries, get work done but not overwork yourself during the quarantine. 

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Get Dressed

This seems like a simple and unnecessary task when you think about the process of working from home but I promise, changing out of your pajamas will jump-start your mind into your day and set you up for true work at home success each day. Staying in your pajamas or not taking time to pull yourself together slightly will allow you to sit in a place of confusion and lack of focus, never quite shifting into the “working” gear you need to get things done. Put some clothes on, wash your face, moisturize, and watch your energy and spirit shift. 

Create Routines

Routines are your best friend at this time. Creating and keeping routines will build a sense of normalcy in your life and help establish the structure that you and your family will need to rely on during this time. Also, having clear and sustainable routines will prevent you from experiencing decision fatigue and allow you to keep high levels of will power. Whether it’s your morning routine or your fitness routine, create and keep them and you will see yourself progressing through this uncertain time more positively and productively. 

Set Clear Family Boundaries

Clarify Work and Non-Work Activities: defining what you will and will not do during work hours become a powerful boundary that reinforces how much you can accomplish each day by anticipating and avoiding distractions in advance. It is very easy since you are already home, to stop getting through those emails to start a load of laundry or wash those dishes but try to avoid jumping back and forth between personal and professional tasks as it will bring down your efficiency and excellence in completing both. 

Communicate with Your Kids: you have created a routine for yourself and hopefully your kids as well. Now all you have to do is stick to it and communicate clearly with your family especially during important calls, meetings, and times of deep focused work. Your family has to know when it’s okay (and not) to interrupt, distract, or interact with you during the workday. 

Designate Your “Working Space”

You may or may not have an actual home office but in all actuality, you don’t need one. You just need to create a space in your home that you and your family know if for you to work. Big or small a clear, clean, well lit, and comfortable space will enable you to show up for work and be as productive as possible during this pandemic. In your designated workspace be sure to keep many of the things you need throughout the day so that you are not spending valuable time searching for the things you need to get the job done. When your workday has ended be intentional about stepping out of your workspace and not returning to it until it’s time to begin work again. 

Do Not Allow Yourself to Work Outside of Work Hours

Set Hours — Without the office environment and the need to go to or leave a physical workspace that marks the beginning and end of your workday it becomes increasingly easy to barely work or overwork yourself. Setting your working hours will also help guide how you work from home. You may have two kids under age 5 at home and need to be available to home school, play with and take care of them through the day. Creating a work hour schedule allows you to communicate and manage expectations in advance with your coworkers and company leaving you open and clear to balance your varying responsibilities throughout the day. 

Setting your work hours will help you outline your time for your workday which will work with your routines, boundaries, and designated workspace to help you truly be a productive at-home worker. 

Don’t Forget About Social Interactions

Though you are working from home and during this pandemic and season of quarantine it is vital to stay at home, social interaction is vital to sustaining your productivity and peace of mind. Even the most logical and levelheaded person can experience anxiety and depression onset by isolation. Try to get some personal connection time each day. Do whatever you need to do to not feel alone. 

 You can create mini-watercooler breaks with coworkers digitally but hopping on impromptu video calls, or using software like Slack or Google Meet to start a quick chat with a work friend. Coworkers throughout this time are finding that taking their lunch breaks digitally together boosts morale and helps keep companies connected by more than just the work. If you are not close with your coworkers or work solo then take this time to call a friend or family member. 

We know that during this time you are not simply working at home but working while at home and the world experiences trauma and devastation in the form of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This article was created to help you find more comfort, purpose, and direction while persevering through this time. Don’t expect yourself to function with pure and optimal productivity because these are unprecedented times. All you can do is the best you can do, and we are proud of you doing your best each day. Stay safe #FitFam.

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